Americans oppose Obama takeover of medicine

A poll released just minutes ago by the Gallup organization is the latest to highlight a troubling trend for the White House.  Among all Americans, disapproval of Obama’s proposed government takeover of medicine tops approval by a 50 percent to 44 percent margin.

The news gets worse for Obama.  Among voters not affiliated with either party — the voting bloc that delivered him the White House and whose support is needed to get anything done — disapproval grows to 55 percent and approval drops to only 40 percent, a disapproval gap of 15 percent on what is supposed to be Obama’s best issue.

Keep in mind those numbers are among "adults."  Polls of registered voters, and then likely voters, typically show even less support for expansions of government.  Even among the best possible statistical sample, Obama cannot muster majority support for his radical experiment in government-run medicine.

The more people find out about the Obama health care scheme, whether it’s page sixteen outlawing private insurance, Section 440 empowering the government to enter your home and monitor your parenting or the Congressional Budget Office research showing it explodes the deficit or the countless studies showing similar proposals always lead to rationing of care and higher death rates from treatable diseases, the more people agree with the Libertarian Party.  The best way to make health care affordable and universal is to repeal regulations implemented by health care lobbyists to preserve profits and remove the barriers between patients and doctors.

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