Barr lays out formula for real recovery, job creation

2008 presidential candidate Bob Barr deconstructs the two "trendy" government-driven models for recovery in his latest column for The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.  Read the entire column here.  He concludes:

"…For much of our nation’s history, America set the standard for economic development in the world. Our nation’s leaders —- at least most of them —- recognized that private businesses and individuals were better able than government to make economic decisions that in the aggregate would lead to economic progress.

"We led. We prospered. Other nations followed us. They who emulated our economic freedom model also prospered.

"Instead of timidly searching the world for a government-based economic model to rescue our economy, Geithner and the rest of the crew in Washington ought to take crash courses in American history and in Adam Smith; both taught by Steve Forbes.

"Or, even better, get out of the way and let someone like Forbes lead."