Washington Times: WH admits Limbaugh hubbub ‘counterproductive’

From The Washington Times Wednesday:

The White House on Wednesday admitted that their public comments about conservative radio personality Rush Limbaugh and cable news personalities in recent days has been counterproductive.

White House press secretary Robert Gibbs said that he has been guilty of feeding a public debate about the Obama administration’s economic agenda that both the president and his top officials, as well as Mr. Gibbs himself, have been dismissive of…

…The Libertarian Party also criticized the White House for their focus on Mr. Limbaugh, who has said he wants Mr. Obama’s economic policies to fail.

With polls showing more and more Americans oppose his agenda, Barack Obama needs a distraction. He gets it by having his operatives pick a fight with a colorful radio personality, said Libertarian National Committee spokesman Donny Ferguson.

Now if they could stop promoting counterproductive economic policies as well, and join the Libertarian Party (and most Americans) in promoting lowered spending during a recession, and tax and regulatory relief for job creators.