Brother Barack’s Traveling Redistribution Show

Pundit Michelle Malkin takes on President Obama’s Fort Meyers town hall/Big Government revival meeting in a Tuesday posting on Hot Air, which differed from past town halls in that instead of the president taking questions from the public, the White House put together a massive "jump on Santa’s lap" session for the national media. 

"Julio" told Obama he’s been working at McDonald’s for over four years and feels entitled to more of the company’s money.  He asked The Great Redistributor to force McDonald’s to pay him more, and to give him free health insurance he doesn’t have to contribute to.  "Henrietta" didn’t blow her opportunity and bluntly asked him to simply give her a brand new car, kitchen and bathroom. 

Both were selected by the White House to address Obama on television, almost as though they want to encourage millions of Americans to begin looking at federal government as the uncle you can ask for anything.  You know, the kind of sleazy, derelict uncle who buys you a Coke with cash he earned by jimmying open a window and rummaging through someone else’s nightstand.

(Update: Julio is 19.  If he’s telling the truth, that means he started working there at 14.  And Henrietta got her home, a "gift" from the wife of a state representative who apparently is as lucky as John McCain to have enough houses she can simply give them away.)

Malkin posts video, which you can put together with all the other clips of people who voted for Obama because they believe his is a messianic figure who will shower them with free mortgage payments, free gas, free utilities and other stuff paid for by stealing from the productive.   I’m tempted to give away a prize to whomever can make the best "Obama’s going to give me your stuff" remix.  But I’m not.  Buy your own t-shirt.

Between this orchestrated event and his outright demands the Congress give him $9.7 trillion in new spending to finance his vision for expansive government, I give Obama two weeks before he starts wearing a white suit and thinking he can knock people out by touching their forehead.