Barr: Stimulus bill just pork in new disguise

From Congressman Barr’s Atlanta Journal-Constitution guest column today.  Read the entire column here.

…the next edition of Oxford might properly include further definitions for the already-overused term (stimulus): ‘any massive federal spending program designed to funnel taxpayer monies into pet political projects; a term employed to disguise massive federal spending programs designed to funnel taxpayer monies into pet political projects, but labeled ‘stimulus’ in order to secure votes necessary for passage.’…

…But the true evil of this spending boondoggle is not so much its title as its substance. Virtually every pet project and constituency of the Democratic Party will be at the receiving end of the billions of dollars rushing down this latest federal money sluice. The disaster that is this “recovery and reinvestment act” is made far worse by the fact that every single one of its more than $800 billion bills is borrowed.

When all is said and done according to the government’s own estimate, this spending measure will add more than a trillion dollars to our national debt which already tops $10.2 trillion.

And there’s much more.  Read the entire column here.