CBO: Economic slump will end mid-2009

The non-partisan Congression Budget Office reports the current economic slump will end sometime around mid-2009.

Keep in mind Obama himself admits any effect he thinks his government expansion will have on the economy won’t take place until 2010 — well after the slump will end anyway.

Between that, and the CBO’s research last week showing Obama plan will cause long-term damage to the economy, and that the economy will bounce back faster without the package, why is the Senate even considering a $1,100,000,000,000.00 Frankenstein’s moster of wealth transfers and fatter government?

It probably has much to do with the fact much of the money lines the pockets of groups that deliver votes to Democrats, and much of that borrowed taxpayer money could even end up in Democrat campaign accounts by way of funneling through labor unions, ACORN and such.

The only thing the package appears to be stimulating are government growth and Democrat vote-delivering mechanisms.