Examiner: Arrogant politicans fuel Tea Party protests

The Washington Examiner, in another spot-on editorial, notes that while high taxes, big spending and out-of-control deficits piled the tinder for the heated "Tea Party" movement, it is the arrogant, condescending tone of Washington politicians that lit the match.

"But (House Speaker Nancy) Pelosi went beyond the pale to question the legitimacy of the protesters themselves, dismissing them as participants in an “astro-turfing initiative” covertly funded by a few powerful people seeking to preserve their wealth and privilege.

President Obama and aides went even further in attempting to marginalize and ridicule the Tea Party protestors and their issues. On the morning of the protests, Obama was said to be unaware of them. Then later in the day, Obama pointedly dismissed them as a bunch of “people waving tea bags around.” A few days later, Obama disdainfully promised to cut a whopping $100 million of wasteful spending from his 2010 federal budget, an amount equal to 0.007 percent of the projected $1.4 trillion deficit for the year. Obama’s condescension insulted his fellow citizens and demeaned the Oval Office. Obama, Pelosi, and other scoffers in Washington’s political establishment should heed the protestors’ warning that “mocking and demeaning well-intentioned, peaceful Tea Party Patriots who love their country is the height of arrogance, and a terrible mistake. The American people deserve better from their elected representatives, and are beginning to demand it."

The simple solution would be to replace them with Libertarians, the only elected officials who respect taxpayers. 

You may read the entire editorial here, and if you live in the D.C. area, pick up a copy of the Examiner.  They also offer a great crossword puzzle and top-notch coverage of D.C. United.