Investor confidence in Obama plummeting

Rasmussen Reports released a new poll this morning of the investors responsible for much of the job creation in this country, and it’s another resounding vote of no confidence in Barack Obama’s plans for crippling taxes on employers.

Seventy-two percent (72%) of investors now say the economy is getting worse.  That’s a sharp increase from the 68 percent who said so when Obama was inaugurated.

Rasmussen’s Investor Index, the measure of investor confidence on a daily basis, had never been lower than the Consumer Index in its seven-year history.  It dipped below the Consumer Index last week and has remained there much of the time.

What does all the mean?  It means the people who actually create jobs in this country recognize Obama’s policies for what they are — proven failures that destroy jobs and will delay our eventual economic recovery.

Investors aren’t the only ones giving Obama’s economic train wreck a thumbs-down.  Confidence in the job market among all Americans also continues to dry up.  His approval rating among all voters is pretty much what is was for every previous president, but his disapproval rating is nearly twice as high.  Despite the spin from the White House and water-carrying by the media, Americans have little faith in Obama’s failing plan to tax Americans into prosperity.

So what are investors, employers and everyday Americans looking for?  Well, for one they all agree with the Libertarian Party that the best way to spur economic recovery is to grant regulatory relief to employers, preserve the 2001 and 2003 tax cuts that staved off recessions then and grant large-scale tax relief to employers and taxpayers.

Democrat, and yes Republicans as well, disagree and continue to bicker over just whose supporters should get the increased government spending they both support.  If you’re not already a Libertarian Party member, join us today!  If you already are, please help us continue to fight for your liberty and prosperity with a donation today.

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