Obama’s focus on basketball picks, not the economy, doesn’t pan out

It looks like Barack Obama, who thinks tax hikes and bloated goverment will make America prosperous, is just as skilled at picking basketball games as he is at picking economic policies and Cabinet nominees.

CBS2 Chicago reports Obama, who hosted a public press conference where he announced his picks for the first round of the NCAA men’s basketball tournament, picked only 11 correct results out of 16 games.  That would place him in just the twenty-seventh percentile among those competing in the CBS Bracket Challenge.

The TV station’s traffic reporter, who watches little basketball, beat Obama, picking 15 of 16 games correctly.

The Libertarian Party has a better idea.  Instead of watching college basketball, perhaps the president should be cutting taxes, granting regulatory relief to responsible employers, scrapping the income tax code and abolishing corporate welfare and billionaire bailouts.  Those libertarian solutions are already proven to get the economy moving and create jobs, and they are what America needs.

Oh, and he shouldn’t have picked BYU over Texas A&M.