Polls: Obama approval rate average, disapproval rate high

The media love to trumpet Barack Obama’s approval ratings of 63 percent, but there’s something they don’t like telling you — based on the approval ratings of every elected president since Nixon, Barack Obama is disappointingly average.

In fact, the only president with a higher approval rating at this point in his term was…Jimmy Carter.  Ouch. 

Ronald Reagan languished at 55 percent.  George W. Bush shared virtually the same approval rating in late February 2001 as the Obama rating media now worship as a sign of his infallibility.

And then there’s the dirty little secret they aren’t talking about — Barack Obama is far more unpopular at this point than his predecessors.

Obama’s disapproval rating of 24 percent is higher than George W. Bush’s rating of 21 percent.  His disapproval rating has doubled in just one month as he pushes for more deficit-exploding spending and begin flirting with nationalizing banks and industries, though he refuses to use that word.  Despite breathless laudation by the media, Obama’s disapproval rating is topped only by Bill Clinton’s.

The news gets worse for Obama.  These are rating of "adults."  When it comes to people who actually register to vote and plan to show up in 2010 his numbers plummet even lower.  And he still has more bailouts to announce and another round of "stimulus" giveaways.

Perhaps Obama would be better served to drop his unpopular plans for higher taxes and spending and instead support the approach favored by voters and Libertarians — giving America’s employers and workers real tax relief.

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