Rahm is Right

And you won’t hear me say that very often.  But there is a reason I’ve somewhat liked the guy all these years.  In this case, it’s his nailing to the wall of Republicans who suddenly find themselves concerned with growing federal budgets and deepening deficits — after eight years of doing more of that than any previous Democrat administration or Congress.

Here’s Emanuel, speaking with NBC’s David Gregory on Meet The Press Sunday:

"But I find it ironic, since one of the questions and the criticism about the deficit spending is coming from people who actually in a period of time in the last eight years were responsible for policies that left America farther behind in, in, in the sense of deep, deep red."

If Republicans are going to complain about Obama growing government and extending its reach, maybe they need to pick a spokesman who hasn’t voted to do exactly that his entire career — which pretty much limits them to Ron Paul.