“Birthers” the Libertarian Fringe?

     Recently, some elements of the right have been pressing the Obama birth certificate issue into the public light. Most notably, a segment on Lou Dobbs has added fuel to the fire by legitimizing their claims in the mainstream media. Chris Matthews featured a segment where Ken Vogel of Politico claims that the libertarian fringe are pressing the issue.


In my estimation however, the birther issue has been more of a Constitution Party issue than a Libertarian one.


    This is an obvious swat at a movement that is making the establishment very nervous these days so they are going take any occasion they can to smear us. We can expect more and more of this in the future as the liberty movement is gaining traction and freedom becomes more popular.

    Libertarians understand that the entire issue does not even matter in a larger sense. If were true that Barack Obama were a foreign born citizen I doubt there is anything the American citizens could do about it. The combined efforts of the entire capitalist grassroots network couldn’t stop the bailout from happening. The last century has been spent with the Executive Branch amassing enough power to do whatever they want so that even if credible evidence emerged that Obama was foreign born (and it hasn’t) then they could ignore it. Or maybe Nancy Pelosi would ram a bill through Congress changing the law ex post facto with several key Republicans signing on citing equality of opportunity for foreign born citizens.

    Socialized healthcare is on the horizon. The DHS, NSA, TSA police state is expanding, the Drug War is still being pursued by an arrogant, ignorant government and Obama is expanding the war in Afghanistan! Frankly we have got bigger problems to pursue than blogging endlessly about where the President was born. Being President these days is the power to ignore the Constitution. People who claim to care about the rule of law should be focusing on more important issues and join the Libertarian Party in fighting expanding government.

Oh and a message for Chris Matthews… You’re right. Ron Paul does have a lot of appeal as a libertarian. You should see the LP Outreach Departments recruitment numbers since his campaign.