Income Tax is Voluntary says Harry Reid, Tea Parties Cancelled!

    Citizens across America rejoiced on hearing the news that the income tax is voluntary. We have it straight from the mouth of one of our elected representatives. Senator Harry Reid in this short clip describes our tax system as a voluntary system. I’m sure that’s a relief for the hundreds of thousands of Americans who may not have filed their taxes yet. If you were thinking about going to a Tea Party this coming Wednesday, I guess you can stay home. defines voluntary as:
1.     done, made, brought about, undertaken, etc., of one’s own accord or by free choice: a voluntary contribution.
2,     acting or done without compulsion or obligation.

    I’m not certain what standards of definition they are using over on Capitol Hill, but I always thought that voluntary meant I didn’t have to do it if I didn’t want to.

    Well, if you decide to go to the tea party events anyway, check our earlier blog or contact your LP affiliate for an appropriate event near your town. Make sure to bring LP brochures and sign up sheets for new members! If you are an LP candidate this will be a great way for you to spread the word about your campaign. Don’t hesitate to call or email me at LP National if you need help! Here’s the links to our posts:

Now go dump some tea!

In Liberty,

Austin Petersen

Director of Outreach