Free Customizable Video Commercials Planned for Candidates & Affiliates


Lee Wrights has announced today a special initiative to produce video commercials for Libertarian candidates and affiliates in 2012. “We want to help Libertarian candidates and local organizations spread the libertarian message in the 2012 election,” said Thomas Hill, who is involved in the project. Production cost for each commercial is about $1,000. Each 30-60 second spot produced will include a 10-second segment where local candidates and affiliates can include their own name and message.  “Our goal is to produce as many commercials as we can, possibly 5-10, and make each one available free of charge to local candidates and affiliates,” Each commercial will focus on a single topic but all the spots will emphasize a principled libertarian position, Hill said.  For more information or to help with the effort go to this link.