Moving Forward

This, my first contribution to the LP blog, will be short and to the point. In St. Louis we elected a strong LNC, with Libertarians representing several major philosophical and strategic perspectives. The one thing we all agree upon, I believe, is that we want our party to grow and our ideas to gain wider acceptance among the American electorate. We have many fine candidates for public office this year, including 17 – so far – for U.S. Senate, the office I’m seeking in Arizona.  (My campaign website is still under construction, but you can sign up to be notified as events progress.)

I’ve spent most of my “activist” time since the national convention gearing up for my Senate race, and look forward to reaching as many voters as I can. People are very receptive to our message this year and I plan to take advantage of this opportunity. I’m already scheduled for one television interview in July, and I’m sure there will be many more after the primary election on August 24.  I urge every Libertarian to get involved in at least one election contest this year. Choose a candidate you like, and jump in!