John Jay Myers Campaign releases TV ad

John Jay Myers Campaign releases TV ad
Tuesday September 21, 2010
Dallas, Texas

The Libertarian campaign for John Jay Myers is releasing a very professional TV ad next week, which highlights the need to end the two party mindset. The video was actually created in the spare time of two Republicans, (one a Precinct Chair) furthering the idea that it is principle over party.

“I honestly believe in principle over party, every Republican that wants to end the wars and bring our troops home, and end the nanny state would get my support, the one that believes that does.” Says Myers.

Myers is in an uphill battle against Pete Sessions the RNCC chair who has raised over $1 Million dollars for his race, recognizing the odds Myers jokingly said “There is a slim, very very slim chance that I may NOT win this election” but goes on to say “But what matters is that I am right, I am giving people the opportunity to do what is right”.

Myers likes to point out that the Democrat and the Republican are actually similar, “Both Pete Sessions and Grier Raggio are the same.” Citing that they both want to “continue our foreign policy which costs over a trillion a year, they both believe in socialised medicine, and they both believe in bail outs and stimulus.”

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