Libertarian Activist Checklist for Fall 2010

 Republished from the Libertarian Party of Michigan Newsletter

You might recall that I wrote about my Libertarian activist "To Do List" for the Spring of this year. Guess what? I also have a "To Do List", to actively support the Libertarian Party in this busy time between now and Election Day. Please join me in as many of these activities as possible. I plan to:

  1. Put as much time and energy into my campaign for State Board of Education as possible. I’ll be busy answering questionnaires, updating content on my website and responding to media interview and candidate forum requests. If you aren’t running for office, then see who is, at Eighty-three Libertarian Party candidates would appreciate your help with their campaigns!
  2. Attend my local LPM affiliate meetings to find out how I can help my local party this fall. Go to to find out when your local affiliate meets. If you don’t have a local affiliate, then form one. Go to to find out how.
  3. Contribute funds to at least one active local Libertarian campaign. Local campaigns have the best prospects to garner votes and affect election outcomes. With a local race, you get more "bang for your buck". If a local candidate is willing to spend his or her valuable time campaigning, the least I can do is provide financial support.
  4. Contribute funds to at least one active statewide Libertarian campaign. Statewide campaigns have the best prospects to receive media attention. Often, they are the ones that get the Libertarian name and philosophy out there, and bring in new activists.
  5. Put a Libertarian bumper sticker on my car. Ken Proctor, our candidate for Governor, is printing and distributing bumper stickers, as are other candidates. Use them!
  6. Invite my Facebook friends to "like" the Libertarian candidates I like. Many Libertarian candidates have created "public figure" pages. It’s very easy to help support them by asking your Facebook friends to "like" them, too.
  7. Put one or more Libertarian campaign signs in my yard. Each LPM affiliate has been given a supply of "Vote Libertarian" signs with the LPM logo. Several Libertarian candidates are also printing and placing yard signs. Use them!
  8. Attend my local Libertarian election night party on November 2.
  9. Election night is a time to relax, get together with your freedom-loving friends, and have fun. Don’t miss out!

by Bill Hall (