Popular Survivor Television Show Contestant Rupert for Indiana Governor (as a Libertarian)?

The latest political rumor in Indiana is that the Indiana Libertarians are trying to recruit Rupert Boneham as a candidate. 

Boneham, nationally known as Rupert, is a popular Survivor television show contestant.  In 2004, he received 10 million votes from television viewers as the most popular contestant (and was awarded one million dollars).

The rumor became public yesterday morning when Indianapolis talk show host Abdul Hakim-Shabazz (WXNT 1430 AM) blogged that Indiana Libertarians may be recruiting Rupert as a Libertarian candidate.

There is now a Facebook page on this, Rupert for Governor?.

A source of the rumor may be the web site of the Libertarian Party of Indiana.  Rupert is an announced guest at the Saturday night Poker Tournament fund raiser at the LPIN’s upcoming state convention.

In Indianapolis, Rupert is known for his work with at-risk youth, through Rupert’s Kids.

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