Libertarian candidate hopes to shake things up in Texas special election

On December 14, 2010, Libertarian candidate, Tony Gergely, will run against Republicans and Democrats in a special election for the State Representative seat in Texas’ 44th district. Gergely was recently featured in an article by the Seguin Gazette- Enterprise where he discusses how his background as a microbiologist and as the owner of SureLife Laboratories and Legend Laboratories has influenced his own political beliefs.

An unconventional candidate, Gergely admits that he “was not ‘groomed’ to be a politician, nor would [he] have wanted to be.” Nevertheless, he believes that his experience as a small business owner will be beneficial for representing the counties that make up the 44th district.

In the article, Gergely talks about his platform and the main issues facing Texas during this election. He places an emphasis on limited government, and considers a more open immigration policy and a moderate tax incentive program to be the most beneficial ways to stimulate the Texas economy.

As a resident of Seguin County, Gergely understands the importance of proper representation in the state and in Washington, and he plans to utilize his business knowledge and understanding of state and federal agencies to better serve the constituents of the 44th district.


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Also, check out Gergely on his YouTube channel where he talks about his life as a microbiologist and his company SureLife Laboratories: