Libertarian Councilman organizes a meeting in support of medical marijuana

On Tuesday, December 14 Libertarian Councilman Doug Burlison teamed up with fellow Councilman Dan Chiles at the Library Center in Springfield, MO to talk about medical marijuana. With approximately 100 in attendance, this forum proved to be very successful in its aim to educate people on a topic very often misunderstood.

The night began with an airing of the film “What if Cannabis Cured Cancer?” and continued with a panel led by Executive Editor of the Medical Cannabis Journal and keynote speaker Mark Pederson. Throughout the night, attendees heard first- hand experiences from those who have used medical marijuana in the past for various illnesses.

In a local Springfield newspaper article, Chiles referred to the night as “the start of a movement,” as the discussion moved towards a possible petition initiative for the 2012 election. Many in attendance agreed that a 2012 initiative would be the best time to promote the legalization of medical marijuana.

Both Councilmen continue their efforts to garner support for medical marijuana in Springfield and throughout the state of Missouri.