Voters Fail to Remove Omaha Mayor From Office

Mayor Jim Suttle Narrowly Survives Recall 

OMAHA, NE – January 26, 2011-Libertarian Party of Nebraska Communications Director Randy Eshelman issued the following statement:

"Yesterday, Omaha voters exercised their right to fire, or not to fire in this case, their elected CEO. Jim Suttle remained employed as Mayor after months of petitioning, an administration-led court battle, and still-under-investigation anti-recall group efforts.

“The Libertarian Party of Nebraska-endorsed effort was initiated to remove the tax-and-spend, unresponsive Mayor of a metro-area of nearly one million. While we are disappointed with the results, we feel the recall effort bodes well for liberty and should demonstrate to the political machine that the electorate is engaged and paying attention.

“We accept the Mayor’s statement, “[that]…tonight we must begin a time of healing and reconciliation,” as a signal that he has learned from his mistakes and will now reach out to the 49-plus percent of Omahans that voted to remove him.

“We applaud the grassroots effort that initiated the recall and appreciate all the hard work by volunteers.