2% for Libertarian Brubaker in Wyoming U.S. House Race Would Secure Ballot Access for LP

"Riverton’s Richard Brubaker watched as Wyoming Libertarian Party chairman Dennis Brossman, of Lander, signed a contract outlining platforms and commitments during the political group’s state convention April 21 in Casper. Photo provided"

Richard Brubaker’s Libertarian campaign for Congress is a statewide race because Wyoming has just one congressional district. If Brubaker wins 2% of the vote, the state LP will retain ballot access. In 2010 Libertarian John V. Love won just under 5% of the vote for the same seat in a 2-way race.

Brubaker faces incumbent Republican Congresswoman Cynthia Lummis, Democrat Chris Henrichsen and an independent candidate.

Scaling back the size of government and eliminating the national deficit are among Brubaker’s core priorities. Brubaker has signed a pledge that calls for supporting no federal budget that exceeds 45 percent of anticipated revenues. "We’ve got to get rid of the deficit," he said.

Brubaker would set a personal example by only accepting a third of the Representative’s pay and declining the health care and retirement benefits that come with the job. While he views himself as socially conservative, Brubaker also believes that government has no business prohibiting same-sex marriage.

A veteran campaigner, Richard Brubaker ran for state rep in House District 34 in the last three elections. This year Brubaker’s daughter, Bethany Baldes, is also running as a Libertarian. She seeks the office of state rep for Wyoming House District 55.