63% of libertarians believe marijuana prohibition will be over within 10 years

Libertarian Party calls for marijuana legalizationOf the 3,930 poll-takers who visited LP.org between Oct. 29 and Nov. 13, 63 percent believe that marijuana prohibition in the United States will be history within 10 years.

34 percent of those surveyed believe it will end within five years, including the 11 percent of respondents who believe it will be over within two years.

The closing down of the government’s failed and dangerous War on Marijuana — a substance that has a range of beneficial medical and industrial uses — is evidence that:

  1. State sovereignty can prevail over federal policies that violate the Tenth Amendment to the Constitution.
  2. Decades-long, seemingly hopeless battles for liberty can eventually be won — and are well worth the fight.

Here are the final survey results:

When will marijuana prohibition end in the United States?

  Votes %
Within 2 years. 434 11.0%
Within 5 years. 913 23.2%
Within 10 years. 1126 28.7%
Within 20 years. 517 13.2%
Within 50 years. 67 1.7%
Within 100 years. 31 0.8%
It will never be legal in certain states. 640 16.3%
I don’t know or have a different response. 202 5.1%
TOTAL 3,930 100.0%