Arizona Libertarian’s debate performance makes him a factor in US Senate race

Politico, one of the nation’s top online political news websites, said Libertarian attorney Marc Victor’s performance in the first televised debate of the Arizona race for U.S. Senate on October 10 “shed light on an overlooked but potentially significant factor.”

Polls conducted before the debate show Victor winning 3-4 percent of the vote, similar to the size of Democrat and former Surgeon General Richard Carmona’s lead over the Republican candidate, Congressman Jeff Flake.

Victor went after both candidates in the debate, noting that “the only role of government is to protect our rights, and right now [the Democrats and Republicans] are the major oppressors of our rights."

In response to Flake taking credit for his hallmark opposition to “earmarks,” Victor pointed out that they amount to only one half of one percent of federal government spending.

“Talking about that is like talking about a drop of water in the ocean,” he said, adding that candidates should propose to close federal departments instead.

Marc Victor has been practicing criminal defense in Arizona for 19 years, trying state and federal cases involving civil rights. "I’m not a compromiser. I’m a very hard core, very principled, pro-freedom guy who doesn’t have much time for government,” says Victor. “I want to get out there and promote freedom in all areas for all people at all times in all circumstances.”

As an accomplished defense attorney and a former U.S. Marine who served in Desert Storm and Saudi Arabia, Victor’s opposition to the drug war stands out. He calls it "an important philosophical point" of libertarianism. "I don’t like fake Libertarians," Victor says. "We’ve got to end the drug war. If you can’t speak out against the drug war, you’re not a true Libertarian."

Victor’s veteran status also lends credibility to his call for a non-interventionist foreign policy. "I think the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq are wrong. I was there in the dirt. I can’t think of one reason why we’re there — I would bring the troops home immediately," he says.

Victor sees an opportunity in reaching young voters. "I’m optimistic in terms of the younger crowd, I think they’re figuring out things aren’t going to go well for them if we continue on this same path," he said.

Marc Victor is using his Libertarian campaign, along with and his bold proposals to shrink government, to attract voters and grow the party.

"I’ve given lots of speeches, I’ve made a lot of people Libertarians, and I try to inspire people. I’m using the political process to win hearts and minds."

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