GA Libertarian David Staples in 2-Way Race for Public Service Commission

Although Libertarian David Staples is running in District 5 for the Public Service Commission, it’s a statewide election. Every Georgia voter will have a chance to cast a vote for him.

Staples is running in a 2-way race against an 18-year incumbent, Republican Stan Wise, whose campaign is plagued with scandal.  Wise is facing allegations of conflict of interest surrounding recent campaign contributions and gifts he received while in office.

Staples has no controversy surrounding his campaign. He has publicly vowed to immediately ask for a 10% reduction in the office’s salary if elected and to introduce new levels of transparency to the Georgia PSC, making recordings of meetings available online to the public.

Whereas the PSC has historically restricted competition in the industries it oversees – telecommunications, transportation, electricity and natural gas – David Staples is running to remove government barriers to competition. He wants to allow energy companies to sell products and services directly to George property owners. Currently the state requires them to go through state-sanctioned utility monopolies.

Republican Wise has declined to participate in any debates, including his own party’s primary. Staples attended the debates despite the absence of his opponent, answered all survey questions presented to him, and welcomes more via his website and Facebook profiles.

David Staples is endorsed by several newspapers, a radio host, the co-founder of the Atlanta Tea Party, the Sierra Club, and a former Regional Director from the U.S. Department of Energy.

“A number of leaders within the Republican and Democratic parties have also privately offered their words of encouragement and support, though they are unable to officially endorse due to the possibilities of losing their leadership roles within their respective parties,” explains Staples.

He is working hard in the last few weeks leading up to Election Day, but he knows the fight isn’t over yet. “With some targeted radio ads I can win this race.  But I absolutely need funding more than anything else to ensure I’m the first Libertarian elected at a statewide level.”

David Staples is attending the Atlanta Pride festival this weekend, where the Libertarian Party is represented with a booth and a float in the parade.

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