Libertarian response to question about whether President Barack Obama’s vacation is overly extravagant

President Obama’s vacation on Martha’s Vineyard,
which cost taxpayers an estimated $250,000–$500,000,
is chump change compared to what the federal government spends
every hour ($434,132,420.00) of every day ($10,419,178,082.00).

Libertarian Party Executive Director Carla Howell on PressTVFrom statement made by Carla Howell, Director, National Libertarian Party, to PressTV:

“When President Obama is at work, he raises taxes, raises government spending to dangerous levels, and causes further unemployment in America. [He] meddles in foreign affairs, causes unrest in foreign countries and expands the military-industrial complex. He expands the welfare state, making more people dependent on government and leaving fewer people able to earn money on their own.

“Rarely does he do anything to help.

“This is why most libertarians are happy for him to be on vacation and hope that he would stay on vacation for the rest of his presidential term.

“We would like it if he could bring the entire House and the Senate with him, so they could be on vacation too. Democrats and Republicans in Congress and in the White House are doing far more damage than good.

“Libertarian candidates do the opposite. They want to cut taxes, reduce government overspending dramatically, end government debt, and withdraw from military bases and outposts around the world so we have a small, lean, U.S. defense, not an offense.

“Libertarians want to get the government out of the many entitlement programs that make things worse, that are costing us jobs and hurting the people they’re intended to help.

“Libertarian candidates want to make government small. President Barack Obama makes government big. We wish him a happy vacation and hope he stays there for another two and a half years.

“And we urge everyone to vote libertarian, to visit and to get involved with the Libertarian Party.”