Boston Herald: Johnson-Weld not your typical third-party ticket

ImageFrom John Sapochetti of the Boston Herald on May 22:

“With a platform that is socially liberal and fiscally conservative, the Libertarian party’s national convention will take place this Thursday through Monday in Orlando, Fla., and in a ‘normal’ presidential election year this would be met with a ‘who cares.’

“But — as we have seen time and time again — the 2016 election has been anything but normal.

“Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton and presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump both have unfavorable ratings above 50 percent — meaning that when Election Day comes, millions will vote against, rather than for, one of these polarizing candidates.

“Much of the electorate is starving for a third option because they believe the choice between Clinton and Trump is a choice between untrustworthy and unpredictable….

“Johnson and Weld have more governing experience — 16 years — than Clinton and Trump combined.”

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