Coverage of Texas Libertarian state convention

The Texas LP held its state convention June 11-13 in Austin.

News 8 Austin writes:

“The main order of the day is to nominate a candidate for governor and other statewide offices. We’re also going to be nominating people for our internal positions and adopting rules,” Texas Libertarian Party spokesperson Robert Butler said.

The Austin American-Statesman writes:

Joining state Republicans and Democrats in the spotlight this weekend, Texas Libertarians gathered Saturday in Austin to announce their own bold aspirations.

Libertarian delegates selected Kathie Glass , a 56-year-old attorney from Houston, to run against Republican Gov. Rick Perry and Democratic nominee Bill White for the governor’s seat in November.

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram writes:

Buoyed by growth as an alternative to the major parties, Libertarians hope to appeal to disenchanted voters with their message of limited government and personal freedoms.

The Texas Tribune writes:

Despite chances of winning that are slimmer than slim, the Libertarian Party is still poised to capture some undecided voters in November. (So is the Green Party — if it gets on the ballot. The Democrats are currently fighting to keep them off.) Asked which party would be affected most by the presence of a Libertarian opponent, Glass insisted that voters were disenchanted enough that it could impact more than one.

“I think the Libertarians will take votes from Republicans, from Democrats and from Independents,” she said.

KBTX writes:

Kathie Glass, a Houston attorney, has won the Libertarian Party nomination for Governor of Texas.

She will face incumbent Governor Rick Perry and former Houston mayor Bill White in November.

"This is our time. We will leave this convention as a united party," said Glass. "Texans want smaller government and more freedom. This is the message that we bring."