LP Monday Message: Call for candidates, county chairs, T-shirts

June 14, 2010

Dear Friend of Liberty,

We’ve received orders for 478 of the $10 Libertarian T-shirts. One Libertarian candidate ordered 100 shirts! What a great gift for volunteers! The deadline is this Wednesday, so order today.

We’re listing over 700 Libertarian candidates here. It’s still not too late in about half the states to file as a candidate for the November elections.

You can check the deadline for your state by visiting Ballot Access News: “WHAT IS THE LATEST DEADLINE FOR A CANDIDATE TO ENTER ELECTION IN 2010?” (Please note that in some states there may be other considerations besides that deadline date.)

If you might be interested in being a candidate, please read more here and fill out the form here.

Without going into too many details explaining the exceptions, our close approximation of candidates in 2010 versus recent years is:

2010:  716 (including 171 for U.S. Representative)
2008:  593 (including 127 for U.S. Representative)
2006:  596 (including 114 for U.S. Representative)

I’m especially pleased about this growth in the number of candidates. With Congress hitting such lows in the opinion polls, I expect many voters to be grateful to have a Libertarian option in November.

In addition to candidates, we need volunteers who will serve as county chairs. If you are willing to serve as a county chair, please visit our volunteer page and type “I’ll be a county chair” in the comments section.

You may have heard about the recent passage of Proposition 14 in California, which will make it tougher to get onto the November ballot in California in future elections. The LP fought against the measure with radio ads and phone calls. Thanks to all our donors and volunteers who put up a fight against Prop 14, even though it passed 54% to 46%. We haven’t given up on this yet.

Don’t forget to order a T-shirt or two, or 100!

Thanks again,

Wes Benedict
Executive Director
Libertarian National Committee

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