David Moran for Governor Wins LP Ballot Access in West Virginia

For the second time ever, the West Virginia LP has won ballot access in the state thanks to the tireless efforts of the David Moran for Governor campaign.

Here are his words to his campaign supporters:

"I want to thank you sincerely for your belief, your work and your steadfast dedication to our campaign.  Winning Official Major Party Status is an accomplishment in which you can take great pride.  I am proud to have been able to serve your objectives.

"We achieved our goal of exceeding the 1% of the gubernatorial vote (1.33%) on a budget of about $3000. The principles for which we stand are our torch and beacon.  We will take this forward into a new and grander campaign for liberty in our state in the future.

"The campaign for 2016 begins now.  We will use the next four years to raise the awareness of our message to every person in the state.  The policies that we have developed this year will continue to guide us as we move forward to make Liberty our foundation, and state prosperity our vision.

"I look forward to serving you and these objectives in every way possible."