Donate $49.99 and get Mary Ruwart’s book Healing Our World

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If you donate exactly $49.99, we’ll send you a copy of Mary Dr. Mary Ruwart’s newly updated book Healing Our World: The Compassion of Libertarianism. The new 2015 release features extensive updates in 20 Chapters and a new foreword by Congressman Ron Paul.

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Ron Paul writes, “The libertarian literature needs to clearly explain how libertarianism is rooted in the Non-Aggression Principle (NAP), making both the practical and philosophical case for rejecting aggression. This is why I am so excited by the new edition of Dr. Mary Ruwart’s Healing Our World. “

Dr. Ruwart thoroughly explains with real world examples how minimum wage and occupational licensing laws prevent the poor from climbing the economic ladder. I read the newly released 2015 edition last weekend. The book has a caring tone, and would make a great gift for a non-libertarian.

We got a great deal on a bulk shipment of these books. Most of your donation will go towards ballot access, but we’re happy to ship this useful book to you as well.

Please donate $49.99 today. Help me reach our $10,000 online goal for ballot access.


Wes Benedict, Executive Director