Election Night Updates

(5:00pm ET) We’ll be posting election-related items of interest to Libertarians as the evening goes on. Please check back frequently.

(7:15pm ET) First report: Indiana US House District 8, John Cunningham (L) has 5% (22% of precincts reporting). In 2008, Libertarians running for US House in Indiana averaged 3.3%. In 2006, the average was 4.1%.

(7:35pm ET) Indiana US House District 9, Greg Knott (L) has 5% (25% of precincts reporting.)

(7:50pm ET) Indiana US Senate, Rebecca Sink-Burris (L) has 6% (21% of precincts reporting). (Former top percentages in races vs both Republican and Democrat: in 2008, Allen Buckley got 3.4% in Georgia; in 2006, Richard Mack got 3.2% in Arizona; in 2004, Ernest Hancock got 2.6% in Arizona; in 2002, Stan Jones got 3.2% in Montana; in 2000, Carla Howell got 11.9% in Massachusetts.)

(8:30pm ET) Virginia US House District 10, William Redpath (L) has 3% (29% precincts reporting).

(8:40pm ET) Texas governor: with most early voting reported, Kathie Glass (L) is at 1.96%. (2% is needed to guarantee 4 years of ballot access.) For Texas Court of Criminal Appeals: J. Randell Stevens (L) is at 15.22%. (No Democrat in this race. 5% guarantees 2 years of ballot access.)

(8:45pm ET) Georgia governor: John Monds is at 4% (20% precincts reporting.) Georgia US Senator: Chuck Donovan is at 3%. (21% precincts reporting.) Runoff unlikely in either case.

(8:50pm ET) Texas Comptroller: Mary Ruwart is at 9.1% (most early votes counted). No Democrat in this race.

(8:55pm ET) Indiana US House District 2: Mark Vogel (L) is at 5%. Looks like he will be kingmaker in this race, Dem has 48% and Rep has 47%.

(9:00pm ET) North Carolina US Senate: Michael Beitler (L) is at 2% (32% of precincts reporting.)

(9:20pm ET) Illinois Secretary of State: Josh Hanson (L) is at 2.7%. (27% of precincts reporting.) Illinois Comptroller: Julie  Fox (L) is at 2.7% also. 5% in a statewide race needed to retain ballot access.

(9:25pm ET) Ohio Governor: Ken Matesz (L) is at 2%. (26% of precincts reporting.)

(9:40pm ET) Florida US Senate: Alexander Snitker (L) is at 0.5%. (54% of precincts reporting.)

 (9:50pm ET) Nebraska State Auditor: Michele Sallach-Grace (L) is at 22%. (based on early voting results, no Democrat in this race. 5% in a statewide races required to retain ballot access.)

(9:55pm ET) Ohio US House District 2: Marc Johnston (L) is at 7%. (52% of precincts reporting.)

(10:00pm ET) Missouri US Senate: Jonathan Dine (L) is at 3%. (20% of precincts reporting.) US House District 7: Kevin Craig (L) is at 7% (29% of precincts reporting.)

(10:10pm ET) Kansas Governor: Andrew Gray (L) is at 3% (21% of precincts reporting). US House District 2: Robert Garrard (L) is at 5% (28% of precincts reporting).

(10:15pm ET) Maryland US House District 1: Richard Davis (L) is at 4% (27% of precincts reporting).

(10:20pm ET) North Carolina US House District 2: Tom Rose (L) is at 2%, probably will be kingmaker (Rep and Dem both between 49% and 50%).

(10:20pm ET) Texas US House District 27: Ed Mishou (L) is at 4.8% (most precincts reporting). He may play kingmaker, helping to kick out an incumbent Democrat who voted for TARP.

(10:30pm ET) Pennsylvania State House District 120: Tim Mullen (L) is at 15% with about 18,500 votes counted.(15% would be unusually strong for a Libertarian in a state house race vs both R and D).

(10:35pm ET) Ohio US House District 16: Jeffrey Blevins (L) is at 7% (67% of precincts reporting).

(10:45pm ET) Wyoming Governor: Mike Wheeler (L) is at 4% (58% of precincts reporting). For US House, John Love (L) is at 5%.

(10:55pm ET) Louisiana US Senate: Randall Hayes (L) is at 1% (90% of precincts reporting). There are 12 candidates on the ballot for this race.

(11:05pm ET) New York Governor: Warren Redlich (L) is at 1% (about 15,300 votes, with 28% of precincts reporting). 50,000 votes needed for ballot access. Extrapolating, Redlich is poised to get around 55,000. Unclear what the outcome will be.

(11:25pm ET) Arizona US House 1: Nicole Patti (L) is at 7% (50% of precincts reporting).

(11:35pm ET) Arizona US Senate: David Nolan (L) is at 5% (24% of precincts reporting).

(11:50pm ET) California US House District 16: Edward Gonzalez (L) is at 7% (32% of precincts reporting).

(12:15am ET) Texas US House District 16: Bill Collins (L) is at 5% (most precincts reporting).

(9:05am ET) We’re working to tally and compare results. We hope to post more information soon.