Florida U.S. House candidate polling ahead of Democratic challenger

Ray Netherwood
Ray Netherwood

Ray Netherwood, the U.S. House candidate for Florida’s 19th congressional district, is polling ahead of the Democrat candidate for the June 24 special election, according to Vote USA.

Netherwood is polling at 13 percent, Republican challenger Curt Clawson is at 26 percent, the Democrat April Freeman is at 12 percent, and 41 percent are undecided.

The special election is being held to fill the seat vacated by former Rep. Trey Radel (R).

Netherwood is also on the ballot for the same race in the November general election.

“In mid-terms, many people stay home,” Netherwood said. “Libertarians need to motivate those voters who are apathetic about their parties with the lure of ‘principles’ and NOT voting the party line over and over if they want something different!”

Florida has the most expensive filing fee in the country — 6 percent of the annual salary of the office, or the collection of a significant amount of signatures. Netherwood paid the filing fee for both the special and general elections, amounting to almost $14,000 in fees for the two races.

“Libertarians can deliver a message that can include all voters,” Netherwood said. “Downsizing D.C., getting the federal government out of our personal lives, and a focus on liberty.”

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