America's fastest-growing political party meets for national convention

For Immediate Release Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Libertarian Party National Convention June 26 – 29 in Columbus, Ohio

Note: If a representative of your organization would like to cover the Libertarian Party National Convention on site, please request a press pass here . A media room will be provided with high-speed Internet. Please note any other technical needs you may have.

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Libertarian Party 2014 National Convention

This year’s Libertarian Party National Convention will feature a line-up of fascinating speakers, entertainers, candidates, rollicking parties, and ever-unpredictable Libertarian floor business.

Unlike Democratic and Republican conventions, where candidates and party officers are preordained and important changes to the bylaws or platform are not left to chance, anything can happen at a Libertarian Party convention — where the delegates get to decide the future of the party.

Kmele Foster , co-host on the new hit libertarian TV show “The Independents,” and frequent guest on “Red Eye,” both on Fox Business News, will headline the Grand Banquet on Saturday evening, emceed by the dynamic Ben Swann . The evening will also feature “Ben Franklin” himself, arias by “the Red Diva” Elizabeth Gentner and the Libertarian 2012 presidential ticket of Gov. Gary Johnson and Judge Jim Gray .

A number of high-profile LP candidates from around the country will talk about how bold, immediate, real cuts in government will deliver the blessing of liberty: millions of new private-sector jobs, peace, justice, freedom, and prosperity.

Other speakers include:

  • Lawrence Reed , president of the Foundation for Economic Education, America’s first Libertarian think tank, will talk about why character matters.
  • Leaders from the emerging Libertarian parties in Europe, including representatives from Russia and the UK, will talk about their efforts to advance liberty across the pond.
  • Rob Kampia , executive director of the Marijuana Policy Project and author of many of the nation’s successful ballot initiatives to legalize and decriminalize marijuana, will talk about the fast-approaching end to marijuana prohibition and what remains to be done.
  • Michael Grossberg , founder of the Libertarian Futurist Society, will provide insight into how deeply libertarian values are embedded in Western culture and world civilization.
  • A panel of elected Libertarians will share the challenges and successes of their experiences in office.
  • Climate research author Harold Ambler will talk about his book, Don’t Sell Your Coat: Surprising Truths About Climate Change .
  • Alexander McCobin , executive director of Students For Liberty, will review the global growth of libertarianism.
  • Kelly Jemison , director of events and operations for Students For Liberty will talk about growing liberty at college campuses.
  • Melyssa Hubbard , author of Spanking City Hall: Dominatrix to Political Activist , will talk about putting pizzazz into tax revolts.
  • The Thursday night “Welcome” Reception will include comedian Joe DeVito and singer/songwriter Tatiana Moroz , both libertarians.

See the full line-up of speakers and entertainers here.