Forbes: Do Not Dismiss Gary Johnson and the Libertarians

From pollster John Zogby in Forbes Magazine on May 30:

“As of this moment, Johnson is receiving 10%–11% in national polls—about 10 to 11 times the support he received in 2012. While he spent only $2.5 million dollars for his run in 2012, he and the party have chosen Weld, who has raised about a quarter of a billion dollars during his career.

“Johnson and Weld just may have the most compelling message for Millennials. They are running as fiscal conservative purists and can draw from a group that is deeply concerned about both college debt and unparalleled public debt. And they are social libertarians: pro-choice, anti-government meddling in matters of personal privacy, decriminalization of most drugs, and they oppose United States meddling in foreign adventures and war. These young people are America’s First Global generation and they are diverse and less inclined to see other peoples and cultures as the ‘other.’

“Probably of greatest significance: Millennials are very impatient and jaded at the slowness of government decision making and gridlock. Clinton and the Democrats need every Millennial vote they can get and enough may just want to make a statement more consistent with their values. I wonder if younger men in particular might be more likely to give the Libertarians a longer and more lasting look.”

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