CNN: Don’t fall for ‘lesser of two evils’ argument

ImageRobby Soave wrote this opinion piece that CNN published on its website on June 1:

“Voters…have choices beyond Clinton or Trump. A viable third party has put forth a compelling alternative in the form of libertarian Gary Johnson. For the second presidential election in a row, the Libertarian Party has chosen Johnson, a softspoken entrepreneur and former governor of New Mexico, as its candidate. His running mate is the impressive former governor of Massachusetts, William Weld….

Many voters are quick to dismiss third-party candidates, but Johnson and Weld are different. Between them, they have 16 years of successful executive experience as governors, working effectively with legislators, opposition and the business community alike. Contrast this with the presumptive Republican and Democratic nominees: Donald Trump is a thin-skinned reality TV star with an authoritarian streak, and Hillary Clinton is a former secretary of state whose signature contribution to foreign policy — the 2011 military intervention in Libya — was an unmitigated disaster. Its no wonder Americans are reacting unfavorably to the idea of deciding whether Donald Trumps complete lack of experience, decorum and honesty are more disqualifying than Hillary Clintons sleaziness and corruption….

So if youre reading this and are one of the many agonizing over voting for Trump or growing sick to death of the Clintons, know you have the option to vote for the person you actually want to be president. That could be Gary Johnson and William Weld.

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