Put third party candidates in debates

ImageAn opinion piece by Barry Fagin was published at the Colorado Springs Gazette on May 19:

“Can anyone imagine any debates less interesting, less substantive, and less thought-provoking than the ones we will soon see for president? One party’s nominee is a pathological liar, a rampant cronyist with no coherent vision for America, no new ideas for solving our problems and with a lust for power that knows no bounds. The other party has nominated Donald Trump, for crying out loud.

“How far we have fallen since the days of Lincoln-Douglas. Weighty matters. Noble ideals. Hard problems demanding new, thoughtful ideas. None of that is going to make it on stage if Clinton and Trump go it alone. Let’s not forget these two are among the least popular major party nominees in history. America deserves better.

“That’s why an alternative should be on the stage. The Libertarian Party will be the only third party on the ballot in all 50 states. Their likely nominee will be the former governor of New Mexico, Gary Johnson. Assuming he gets the nod at the party’s upcoming convention, democracy will take a great step forward if Johnson appears in the debates with Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.”

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