“Hall of Liberty” Awards

Announcement from the Libertarian Party
“Hall of Liberty”
The Libertarian Party would like to announce a new awards program.
The “Hall of Liberty” program is to honor lifetime or significant achievement that has made a lasting affect on the Libertarian Party and/or libertarian movement.
Those honored will be featured on the LP web site and on a “Wall of Liberty” in the LP national office
At the 2012 LP National Convention at the Red Rock Casino in Las Vegas, the first five (5) inductees will be honored.
Those honored will be:
David F. Nolan
John Hospers
Tonie Nathan
Roger MacBride
Ed Clark
At future LP National Conventions, more libertarians can be inducted.
A committee is being created to handle future awards, including the Thomas Jefferson, Thomas Paine, Samuel Adams, and Patrick Henry awards.
Those on the “Hall of Liberty” committee include:
Dr. Mary Ruwart, Dr. James Lark, William Redpath, Rebecca Sink-Burris, and committee chair Kevin Knedler
If you have questions, contact us at Kevin.Knedler@lp.org