Libertarian Party Chair Urges Marco Rubio: Withdraw Your Endorsement of Mitt Romney. He's a Big Government Politician.

For Immediate Release Friday, March 30, 2012

“Marco Rubio, Withdraw Your Endorsement of Mitt Romney. He’s a Big Government Politician.”

Mark Hinkle Libertarian Party Chair urges Senator Marco Rubio

“With all due respect, Senator Rubio, you failed to do your homework. As an alleged ‘Tea Party Republican,’ your endorsement of Mitt Romney misleads the true Tea Partiers from coast to coast,” said Mark Hinkle, Libertarian Party Chair.

“Senator Rubio, you assert that Mitt Romney was a ‘successful’ governor in Massachusetts. Which part of Mitt Romney’s record as Governor do you consider a success?

  • Mitt Romney raised scores of taxes – every year, all 4 years as Governor.
  • Romney proposed and signed into law Massachusetts government spending hikes every single year he was Governor.
  • Mitt Romney boosted his state government spending by $5 billion.
  • Governor Romney initiated, lobbied for and signed into law RomneyCare – the father of ObamaCare – and railroaded Republicans in the legislature to vote for it
  • Governor Romney ushered in ObamaCare. If he’s the Republican Presidential Nominee, he leaves Republicans no ground to oppose ObamaCare – and is seen as a hypocrite when he pretends to oppose it
  • Governor Mitt Romney endorsed and voted for New England’s version of Cap and Trade.
  • Romney passed enabling legislation that raised business property taxes.
  • Governor Romney “Closed loopholes” to enforce sales tax collection on Internet purchases.

“Senator Rubio, please explain: If these Big Government Mitt Romney measures were a ‘success’ – what would failure look like?”


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