Help me reach out to student libertarians

I need your help to recruit students into the Libertarian Party.

A new and fast-growing organization called Students For Liberty is hosting its annual conference in Washington, DC, February 13-15.

Students For Liberty is run by libertarian activists, and their focus is educating students about libertarianism. Its founder, Alexander McCobin, spoke at our Libertarian National Convention last summer. I am really proud of the work he and his team of talented activists have done to build Students For Liberty from nothing into a major organization hosting conferences throughout the world. I’m expecting over 1,500 attendees at this conference.

Students For Liberty members are already identified as agreeing with the libertarian philosophy.

Students who travel across the county for a three-day conference in Washington, DC are obviously highly motivated and interested.

I want to recruit these students to become Libertarian Party activists dedicated to changing the world.

I need your donation to help me reach out effectively at the Students For Liberty conference.

There will be a lot of booths at this event, so our booth needs to attract attention and compete effectively.

I’d like to raise $2,000 for new banners, posters, and other display materials, some of which can be reused at future events.

College students are notoriously short on cash today, but not after they graduate.

I want to get these students to join the Libertarian Party dues-free for one year. And when they join, I want to give them a free one-year subscription to LP News, and a free T-shirt or hat — the ones that have been so popular on

I’d like to raise another $2,500 to pay for free T-shirts, hats, posters, bumper stickers, and custom membership forms for this event.

Once these students sign their names on the line and become Libertarian Party members, I’m confident enough of them will donate in the future to make this effort worthwhile. I speak partly from personal experience. I joined the LP as a student 18 years ago, and I signed up for a $30/month pledge shortly after joining.

I’ve got a professional graphic designer helping me. I need your help to pay for the materials.

Please visit this special donation page (it uses the Piryx service) and donate $1,000, $500, $25, or whatever you can today. There’s a progress bar where you can see how we’re doing.

Please donate today, and help recruit students into the Libertarian Party.

Thank you,

Wes Benedict, Executive Director

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