Help us fight to keep LP candidates on the ballot

Dear fellow Libertarian,

Libertarian poll numbers across the country continue to raise the hackles of the old parties — and they’re running scared.

Now they’re fighting dirty.

As your chair, I’m committed that when the Libertarian Party puts a candidate on the ballot, we’ll follow through to keep them on the ballot. And if our opponents cheat, we’re going to fight back — and fight back hard.

In New York, we’re mounting a legal defense to keep Libertarian Gigi Bowman on the ballot.

In Illinois, we fought back frivolous challenges from Republicans to keep our slate of candidates on the ballot.

And now they’re fighting us in Kentucky.

Our opponents are violating the law to exclude David Patterson, Libertarian candidate for Senate, from appearing in a televised debate in the highest-profile Senate race in the country. He’s up against a Democrat and Kentucky Republican Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell.

I won’t go into details, but there are some “smoking guns” in this case that show they’re breaking the law to suppress our candidate.

We must file a lawsuit immediately. This could have ramifications to all our candidates who are being excluded from debates.

We can expose their dishonest and underhanded maneuvers. But I can’t do it without your help.

Our Legal Offense Fund is down to only $2,000. The lawsuit in Kentucky is going to cost $9,000.

I will not spend money we don’t have. If you want to see us in this fight — if you are as committed as I am to show the old parties that if you hit a porcupine, it hurts — I need your financial support.

When we authorized this lawsuit at the Libertarian National Committee meeting this weekend, committee member Guy McLendon wrote a $500 check on the spot to support it. He knows how powerful this could be, he knows what the “smoking guns” are, and he knows how much earned media we will get from this. I need you to join him.

Click on the link to give your best contribution to our Legal Offense Fund. I promise you that every dollar we receive from this fundraiser will be spent on legal offense.

We’re going to bring the fight to the old parties in Kentucky and in any other state where corrupt politicians and their cronies in the media break the law to fight us.

We’re going to show them that they can’t suppress our Libertarian candidates’ bold message to cut government and advance liberty — or hide how weak the old-party politicians really are.

We need to file a lawsuit this week. I can’t do it without your contribution today.

Please donate today to the Legal Offense Fund and help us fight back!

Yours in liberty,

Nicholas Sarwark

Nicholas J. Sarwark
Chair, Libertarian National Committee

P.S. — We had a wonderful grand opening of the Libertarian Party’s national headquarters this past weekend. Our party is here to stay, and the headquarters is a concrete sign of that. We’ve sent a message to the old parties, and they’re scared.

P.P.S. — With your support, we can fight back in Kentucky to get Libertarian David Patterson into the debates against Republican Mitch McConnell — and open doors for more Libertarians in debates. Please donate today.

[Note: Any funds raised in excess of what is needed will be used for other legal fund projects.]

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