High-energy outreach pays off for Lucas Overby campaign

Lucas Overby debates on C-SPAN
Lucas Overby, LP Florida candidate for
Congress, debates Republican David Jolly
and Democrat Alex Sink on C-SPAN.

The Lucas Overby campaign is demonstrating how Libertarian campaigns on a small budget can have a big impact.

On March 11, Overby will face Democrat Alex Sink and Republican David Jolly in the special election for an open seat in Florida’s 13th congressional district.

Well-organized volunteers working in teams of one to four people have been walking the district and letting voters know about Overby’s campaign with a brief and positive message. Florida LP Vice Chairman Alex Snitker and Treasurer Danielle Alexandre alone have visited more than 3,000 homes and have made 600 phone calls to voters.

“Walking the district has been vital to the contagiousness of the Overby campaign,” said Dana Moxley-Cummings, LPF state chair. “This is the way to win back our government.”

Karena Morrison, the campaign’s field coordinator, compiles voter lists and creates a map and spreadsheet of voters for each neighborhood.

Larry Potter, volunteer coordinator, then arranges for volunteers to meet at a staging location where they pick up the maps and voter data for the neighborhood they will be walking.

When a voter comes to the door, the Libertarian volunteers identify themselves as Overby campaign workers, remind the voter of the date of the special election, ask whether they plan to vote, and ask whether they would consider voting Libertarian.

“If they say ‘no,’ we thank them for their time,” explained Alexandre. “If they say yes, we give them campaign literature, give a brief description of Lucas, and let them know he’s willing to answer any questions they may have personally.”

Libertarian outreach efforts have been met with gratitude and interest in the LP. Voters are impressed that unpaid volunteers are out walking for the candidate. Many have asked for more information about the LP and some have switched their registration to Libertarian.

“The voters, at least here in Florida, are angry, and they want to do something different — they just don’t know what,” Alexandre said. “They are so thankful that we are at their door offering a candidate who will reverse the mess the other two parties have gotten us into. They feel relief that there is another option. I can’t express enough how much appreciation we get from the voters just for being out there fighting for them. It is invigorating and inspiring.”

The LPF canvassing is paying off. It surely played a part in getting Overby included in a nationally-televised C-SPAN debate held on Feb. 3, in which he participated with both of his opponents.

To donate to the Lucas Overby for Congress campaign, visit: https://rally.org/lucasoverbyforcongress