Illinois LP has nine candidates on the ballot Tuesday

ImageThe Illinois Libertarian Party will have nine candidates running for local office tomorrow.

The candidates are:

  • Aaron Merreighn – Village Trustee of Riverton
  • Brad Damm – SMEAA Board
  • Chris Hicks – Village of Sawyerville Board of Trustees
  • Chris Russell – Village of Fox River Grove Board of Trustees
  • Claire Ball – College of DuPage Trustee
  • Dave Pfeifer – Waukeegan School Board
  • Jasen Howard – New Lenox Board of Trustees
  • Marcia Powell – Prairieview-Ogden Consolidated School Board

In addition, Steve Hefflin is running for reelection to the O’Fallon District 90 School Board.

From LPIL chair Lex Green:

“Our 2015 candidates are garnering fantastic support from a wide range of citizens. Many have caught the attention of the Tea Party. Others have found support from Organized Labor. Dissatisfied voters from all sides of the political spectrum are adding to our numbers.”

” As a result, Libertarian endorsed candidates are spreading our message effectively throughout the state. We are hopeful that many of our of them will win. But win or lose, we are setting the stage for even bigger success in 2016.”

Click here to see the list of 2015 Libertarian Party candidates.