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The Libertarian Party was founded to fight back against the tyrannical abuses of the Democratic and Republican parties. We have consistently defended the principle of liberty and the rights of the individual.

The situation today is grim. Republicans and Democrats have steadily increased the power of government, especially the federal government, in almost every way you can imagine. From massive government spending programs and foreign wars, to assassinations of American citizens, the Patriot Act, trade protectionism, warrantless wiretapping, the list goes on and on.

Republicans and Democrats regularly join hands to increase these abuses.

Only the Libertarian Party stands against them.

Join today!

If you believe in free markets, civil liberties, and peace, and if you believe that individual rights are more important than government power, then the Libertarian Party is the right place for you.

If you want to shrink government across the board, then the Libertarian Party is the right place for you.

Basic membership is only $25.

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It doesn’t matter how you’re registered to vote. Joining the Libertarian Party will not affect your voter registration, and it won’t change your ability to vote in whichever elections you want to.

When you go to the airport, do the invasive security procedures bother you? They certainly bother me. Thanks to the votes of Republican and Democratic politicians, the TSA has obtained the power to violate the Fourth Amendment and search you without any cause.

The Libertarian Party regularly speaks out against abuses like this.

I really hope you will join the Libertarian Party today.


Wes Benedict
Executive Director
Libertarian National Committee