Libertarian chair remembers 9/11

Nicholas Sarwark - Chair, Libertarian National Committee
Nicholas Sarwark

Thirteen years ago, terrorists crashed planes into buildings, killing thousands of innocent Americans. I was working in Arlington, Va., on that day and remember rushing home past the smoking Pentagon. I will not and cannot forget that day.

But while terrorists killed innocent Americans that day, they did not kill America. They did not kill our Constitution. Our nation was founded in battle and our founders, knowing all too well foreign threats, made a conscious choice when drafting the Constitution and Bill of Rights. They chose liberty over a false sense of security.

We honor those who died that fateful day 13 years ago by vigorously defending our freedom and our rights against those who would infringe on them. We honor them by fighting for more liberty and more freedom. My path is with the Libertarian Party; you may chose another path. But regardless of what path you choose, never give in to those who would take your liberty.

If, as some say, the terrorists hate us for our freedom, my response is simple: more freedom. Our great nation was founded with cries of “Give me liberty or give me death,” not “Give me liberty or give me security.” Our commitment to freedom, even when freedom is dangerous, is an integral part of what makes America that shining city upon a hill that inspires people around the world.

Live free.

Yours in liberty,

Nicholas Sarwark

Nicholas J. Sarwark
Chair, Libertarian National Committee