Libertarian elected to Aubrey, TX City Council

ImageCalvin Tillman was elected to the Aubrey City Council, Place 4 on May 9. Aubrey is a town in Denton County, TX, and has a population of 2,595.

Mr. Tillman received 62% of the vote, getting 147 votes to his competitor’s 87.

The incumbent did not run for reelection.

“I am hopeful that me winning soundly in a local election will inspire others to throw their hat in the ring in the future”, said Mr. Tillman. ” I knocked on around 800 doors and won 63% of the vote, and never backed away from my Libertarian views. “

“It is nice to have statewide ballot access, but we will never dream of winning a statewide election until we start winning the local ones.  I encourage others to get involved on the local level, many of these offices are winnable, and do not require a significant financial investment, just a lot of hard work.  I will be glad to help others get their campaigns started.”

If you would like to contact Mr.Tillman, he can be reached at or 940.453.3640.