Libertarian Rob Sarvis advocates ending police militarization, drug war in VA gubernatorial campaign

Rob Sarvis
Rob Sarvis,
LP Virginia
Candidate for Governor

The Uncovered Politics blog recently ran a positive profile of Rob Sarvis, nominated by LP Virginia to run in the state’s gubernatorial campaign. here’s an excerpt:

The Libertarian Party of Virginia nominated Robert C. Sarvis for governor in a special state convention held Sunday afternoon in Waynesboro.

Though not quite a household name, the little-known Libertarian is an impressive candidate by almost any measure.

Raised in Northern Virginia, the 36-year-old Sarvis graduated from nationally-renowned Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology, a magnet school in Alexandria. After earning degrees in mathematics from Harvard University and the University of Cambridge, the over-achieving Libertarian candidate worked as a software developer in the Silicon Valley before obtaining a law degree from NYU and a Master’s degree in economics from George Mason University.

While at NYU, Sarvis co-founded the NYU Journal of Law & Liberty, a libertarian-leaning law journal.

Sarvis, who lives in Annandale with his wife and two children, is socially liberal and fiscally conservative, favoring same-sex marriage, open borders, and an end to the nation’s War on Drugs. A staunch defender of civil liberties, he opposes the militarization of the nation’s law enforcement agencies and worries about future drone surveillance in the United States and abroad.

An entrepreneur and devoted free-market advocate, he also favors smaller government at all levels — a particularly tough sell in a government-saturated state with more than 322,000 federal employees and retirees, not to mention an additional 515,000 full and part-time state and local government employees.