Libertarians Join 9/12 Tea Party March on Washington, Display “Republicans Equal Big Government”

Washington – Libertarian Party headquarters staff and interns joined the 9/12 Tea Party March on Washington.  After gathering at Freedom Plaza, just blocks from the White House, the march proceeded the 1.1 miles down Pennsylvania Avenue to the U.S. Capitol for a rally.

“Libertarians say Republicans equal big government: $400 billion Medicare drugs, $700 billion bank bailout, $3 trillion budgets, $1 trillion war” read one sign.  Other signs displayed “There is only one way to kill capitalism: taxes,” and “The drug war: keeping criminals employed since 1971.”

Wes Benedict, Executive Director of the Libertarian Party, commented, “As expected, there were lots of Republicans at this event.  However, with all of the smiles and thumbs-up we received, you could tell that many people felt little or no allegiance to the Republican Party.  There was a constant flow of people stopping to photograph our signs and we passed out lots of Libertarian Party literature and stickers.”