Libertarians storm Louisiana ballots

From an Aug. 26 press release by the Libertarian Party of Louisiana:

The Libertarian Party of LouisianaLast week was candidate registration for the Louisiana fall elections and we are pleased to announce that Libertarians qualified to run for office across the state in record-breaking numbers! There were six federal candidates and thirteen local candidates, a total of nineteen Libertarians. The Libertarian Party of Louisiana would like to congratulate the Libertarians who qualified to run on the November 4, 2014, ballots!

Libertarian Federal Candidates
Brannon McMorris for U.S. Senate
Jeffry Sanford for Congressional District 1
Samuel Davenport for Congressional District 2
Randall Lord for Congressional District 4
Chuck Saucier for Congressional District 5
Rufus Craig for Congressional District 6

Libertarian Local Candidates
Troy G. Broussard for Judge of 1st Parish Court Division B in Jefferson Parish
Denise Landry Bruno for School Board District 6A in Ascension Parish
Chad Bourgeois for School Board District 6B in Ascension Parish
Jo Ann Scott for School Board District 7 in Jefferson Parish
Chad Ivery Perry for Justice of the Peace Ward 7 in Calcasieu Parish
Michael J. Vogt for Justice of the Peace Ward 6 in Plaquemines Parish
Justin Bonnette for Justice of the Peace Ward 6 in Vernon Parish
Henry Herford for Constable of District 1 in Franklin Parish
Martin Wade for Constable of District 4 in Lafourche Parish
Justin L. Licciardi for Constable Ward B in St Bernard Parish
Ryan Shinkle for Youngsville City Council Division A in Lafayette Parish
Matthew Thomassee for Youngsville City Council Div. B in Lafayette Parish
William McBride for Washington City Council District 3 in St Landry Parish

Congratulations to Henry Herford of Franklin, who ran unopposed and is considered elected as Constable for Justice of the Peace in District 1! Likewise, Justin Bonnette was unopposed and is considered elected for Justice of the Peace Ward 6 in Vernon Parish.

Thanks to all of our Candidates for stepping up to run for office! Thanks to all of our members who are working so hard to organize and grow the LPL! For more information about the Libertarian Party of Louisiana, please visit our website at