Louisiana Libertarian wins runoff election

Chad Perry
Chad Perry

Louisiana Libertarian Chad Perry was elected Justice of the Peace in ward seven in Saturday’s runoff election.

Mr. Perry received 630 votes for 51.8%.

The election was a partisan race.

This makes four Lousiana LP candidates that were elected to office this year.

Mr. Perry was in the runoff election as nobody in his race received a majority of votes in the general election on November 4.

“With four candidates elected, two head to head, one of them being a run off, plus the highest percentage of votes for a federal candidate…it is safe to say that the Libertarian Party of Louisiana had the best results of the LP affiliates in the nation this fall!” said LPLA Executive Director Wendy Adams.

“Congratulations and many thanks to ALL of our candidates, officers, volunteers, and members. We are just getting started!”